B Line

B line, Collaborative project with artist Liesje De Laet for Festival Villanova Antwerp, Belgium 2013

live installation combining the colorful and interwoven language of

plastic artist Liesje De Laet and the textual movement of performance artist Erika pirl,

The duo was inspired by the movement of a bee and what it is drawn to.

If there are two many colors for it the distance seems longer than a single colored path.

They questioned then, what does it take to make a human distracted in his steps if for a bee it is just a change of color or pattern?

The event took place for two days twice per evening, in the first the Installation by Liesje was performed in and moved as each object was animated by Erika's intervention.

The second performance every night softly and fluidly (hopefully) moved things back as they were placed before trying to capture the textual language of each object chosen by Liesje.

Their Research process also included a week of exploring the objects as a performance through the Public Space of Michelin and Antwerp Belgium.