Bailando con la Muerte

"Bailando con la Muerte" Collaborative Project with Jaime Mastranzo.

The two artist met together with the mix of their different media:

drawing, sculpture, video, performance and even cooking to explore a common theme.

The representation of death and ritual especially that of their Méxican background, organizing the event during the days of the dead..

Three performances took place over three days in the Cinema-Zinema of Lausanne, Switzerland.

The entrance hall had become an installation inspired by an altar for the dead with a maze of hanging cubes telling the precolonial origins of the day of the dead rituals and the beliefs for the after life as well as many other Méxican folk tales allegorical to some situations we live in today. Each dance performance went in line with what that day represented traditionally and tried to mirror what was developing through Jaime's growing sketch a drawing he started and finished over the three days of exhibition.Though our whole exhibition had many stand alone objects we feel it really was a whole only when the event started and was activated once all was put together and the public was eating the tortilla soup with us which was just as much part of this work as anything else in the room.

The project more then trying to displace a ritual tried to ponder of notions of death abroad and reflected on how death is looked at today and then also how is life looked at today.