Errer avec un Foulard

"Errer Avec une Foulard" < Wandering with a scarf>

A participatory performance created for the MAPS group exhibition and "Displacement" workshop in Cerbére, France April 2015.

I put our group into couples where they were joined either by holding hands/arms or holding onto the shoulder of the other. One person in the couple was blindfolded and the other not

< he/she would act as the guide>

The goal was to show them the city of Cerbére through texture, smell, sound, temperature and

any other way we might be able to discover it without using the sight from the eyes.

The guiding person would have to find his own non verbal code to communicate to his partner and lead them in the course.

We went one set way though the city and then switching roles came back the same way. I wanted question how often we notice what we are seeing in a city and how often do we notice everything else? How much are we really in our body and realize all the things we can sense?

Second question, what does it mean to communicate non verbally?

What does it mean to be in silence for a set length of time?