Forming The Space I-II-III

Forming the space in III parts.

A performance series that relies on memory and space reading to take place. I see space as very full even when technically “empty,” I like to think that this is because a space can hold a memory.

Therefore any time we move, dance, breath or act in space we are “forming” it into something different than it was before maybe even transforming it. This performance series is a little based on the idea of the invisible trace that an action can leave in space and the idea to build one performance action based on the memory of the other one. That which is left behind is now some kind of archive in this space's memory. I perform 3 times during the course of an exhibition of 3 weeks each time will be a reaction or response to the space that which has happened there previously and in between each performance what it is like this day and how the performing body can answer to it.