Sensitive Walking

"Lets listen to the whole city."

In July 2015 I was invited by Mads Floor Anderson to take part in his Nomadic Arts Festival "Stroking the Pathway" in San Lorenzo, Rome IT.

My proposal was to give a kind of workshop in the neighborhood of San Lorenzo

that would allow the people who inhabit it to see their town or experience it in a different way then usual.

In “Silent” Action on a Sunday afternoon we set off, myself and the participants to discover San Lorenzo they way I had discovered it myself before following my first suggested rule which was to walk together in silence. Why Silence? I wanted to explore San Lorenzo as a group but also as individuals I find silence as a group keeps us connected but lets us listen to spaces or places, each individual in their own way. I wanted us to really be able to listen and to not think about what to say but to just be and absorb. We started by the closest edge/limit of San Lorenzo and started following the wall separating us from Rome on the other side just walking, observing, listening and taking this experience in silence we were observing but also performing the city.