Das Wüstenand

Das Wüstenland is a performance piece created by the group Erika et le Chic

its members consist of Erika Pirl, Guillaume Vionnet and Mathieu Winkler.

this is a group the works together exploring multimedia and improvisation since 2012

The most recent piece "das wüstenland" has been performed in various locations in Switzerland which include USEGO Halles, (Sierre,CH) for ACT Performance Festival 2016, Théâtre de Usine (Geneva, CH) ACT Performance Festival 2016, La Villa Moyard (Morges, CH) During Exhibitions " Quelle Langue Alors?) 2016 and "Quand les Tambours ce Arrenteront" 2015 and is always adapted as a site sensitive performance according to the space.

About the piece

The performance explores different forms of dialogue. The words in silence, the interaction between the space and performers. Das Wüstenland is german for Desert, we are exploring the idea of being in this desert even if maybe it's a fictional one but we have to cross it. What happens deep inside of us? The dialogue with ourselves that pushes us to cross an impossible task. what force takes over.