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Partitión á Saint-Cergues

Partición a Saint-Cergues:

Score for Saint-Cergues is a permentant art and architecture installation in made very site specifically for the city of Saint-Cergues.

The Brass plaques is media I have been working with in various ways but in Saint-Cergues because if the research and process of coming to the final text conclusions it has taken its very own personal identity.

The texts one can find are reflexions that come from a series of interviews with the varios communities in the town of Saint-Cergues.

mainly reflecting on the towns identity personal stories and collective stories

traditions and folktales.

marking a score that will be growing each time adding a new path with 10 plaques in the public space of the town, guiding us between the newest additions to the town the first plaques have been part of a library project and a cultural center in the town, leading us from there to other new neighbourhoods and older historical locations, trying to tie together the tradicional history to most recently carved memory or story. hoping with time to make conversation started between the generations and maybe refind a few forgotten traditions or start some now ones in the community.

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