Entre Recuerdos y Olvidos

Performance solo Dance and sound piece for performing arts Festival Nómada in San Salvador, El Salvador. 2017

Plaza de la salud.


Entre Recuerdos y Olvidos Xantli.

Is a performance intervention in the urban public space.

the performance is set to a sound piece made from dialogues of the work Espacios Compartidos - for ADM Gallery in Mexico city in the same year winter 2017.

and other musical and sound montage of well known musical references mixed in with sound recordings of the Mexican and El Salvadorian urban sounds with the aim to create visuals through sound and trigger collective memory based on well known references as well as question the feeling of home and everyday life dynamics.

between remembering and forgetting ..... Xantli is the tittle of this performance.

Xanltli meaning Home in Nahuatl which is one of the languages that is indigenous to the mexican and el salvadorian territory.

the dance is a reactionary set of movement which reacts to what is in the urban space and tries to tell a story through the visual codes that the body can inhabit

perhaps a non linear story as the sound in the space is also a series of non linear realities.

it aims to converse with the space and what that space could say to those who use it every day.

conversations in the street by people sharing the city we call "home".

it asks what does it mean to remember or forget ?

what does nostalgia mean ?

what is the difference between home and house ?

what is a community and what does it mean to belong ?

what does it mean to not belong?

and what does it mean to dream?