Collective curating practices 


Sitios Reversos

With Kevin Baltazar 

Sitios reversos is a project developed between salvadorian artist Kevin Baltazar and Erika Pirl on the use of abanoned urban space. 

"we are curious about what society discards and when, about modern ruins and what they say about us, we were curious to share this investigation with other artist and made an invitation and have been curating artists in urban abandoned spots since 2018

The Feeling of not feeling at Home 

Project by temporary collective *err

This was a multidicipline project 

that started in Geneva in an independant art space TOPIC Gallery, where 

maddy 6.jpg

The room that I was

Project created together with 

Camille Kaiser and Medeline Dymond 

Investigating space and the idea of work , past and future of places lived. 

Kiosk / Gallery 2014 -2017 / Geneva CH

Central American Emerging art Festival

Co organized by Mexico, Guatemala, costa rica and El Salvador 

Central Central is a project that creates bridges between central american artists and looks for a balance between theory and tecnique 

in 2019 Erika became the salvadorian 

curator for this festival