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Dramaturgy and Choreography

where stories can be retold and adapted forever

this is a part of me that is all in one thoughts, and feelings, and visuals and body and mind and spirit with the passion of creating worlds where maybe we get to life a different version of what we know and start to make our own reality.  


behind the scenes 

I started as a child on stage understanding this world to be a place of rules but also of possibilities, I started with ballet as most little girls do and then found theater and contemporary dance, then later I found there was such a thing as physical theater.  a lot of my work starts as performance, or installation and then later as things can mature they might become dances or plays worlds of their own that i can invite other artists into. I'm very interested in my work as a choreographer or dramaturge not only of the story told and the way I wish to see it become, but also about the transmission of the possibility to make believe a world and have it believed enough to be reflected by the interpreters involved. and I am extremely interested in what multidiscipline scenic works in terms of multiplicity in conception and then transmission can create in terms of alternative realities, and how as groups we can co discover alternative narratives to the world we have in front of us. 

some of the works 

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