December 1, 2017

Performance solo Dance and sound piece for performing arts Festival Nómada in San Salvador, El Salvador. 2017

Plaza de la salud. 


Entre Recuerdos y Olvidos Xantli. 

Is a performance intervention in the urban public space. 

the perfo...

Le goût de la neige

Erika Pirl – Le Chic

Dans le théâtre nô, la contemplation des masques implique quatre positions, qui donnent leur vie aux subtiles nuances des visages : « faire nuageux », « éclaircir », « s’en servir » et « couper...

February 24, 2017

Moments shared,,,,, between remembering and forgetting. 

An Exploration around the meaning of home or the living space. The things that make that space ours like none other, but also the things that make us part of that space. the feeling...

November 19, 2016

Partición a Saint-Cergues: 

Score for Saint-Cergues is a permentant art and architecture installation in made very site specifically  for the city of Saint-Cergues. 

The Brass plaques is media I have been working with in various ways b...

August 3, 2016

Sound installation in USEGO - Halles Sierre, CH 

On language and Space, on Perception and Observation, and on Memory and Presence.

Somewhere between a puzzle and an exquisite corpse.

Is it our story if we adapt it by hearing what we want? O...

A day as a tree
Today I was trying to be a tree, well, I was like a tree as close as I could try to be or I should say I performed a tree
or I was treeing.
I stood planted in the ground until I could no longer stay just letting the wind d...

June 1, 2016

Das Wüstenland is a performance piece created by the group Erika et le Chic 

its members consist of Erika Pirl, Guillaume Vionnet and Mathieu Winkler. 

this is a group the works together exploring multimedia and improvisation since 2012


Forming the space in III parts.

A performance series that relies on memory and space reading to take place. I see space as very full even when technically “empty,” I like to think that this is because a space can hold a memory.


November 4, 2015

"Lets listen to the whole city." 

In July 2015 I was invited by Mads Floor Anderson to take part in his Nomadic Arts Festival "Stroking the Pathway" in San Lorenzo, Rome IT.  


My proposal was to give a kind of workshop in the neighbor...

An encounter between two characters of different origins.

Their need to share and to exchange these two contrasting cultures.

The need to be heard and the attraction for the other brings us to question the identity of each character....

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©  by Erika Pirl 

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