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Erika Pirl is a Curator, Visual artist and Choreographer, as well as an academic researcher 

Her studies start in dance and take her through a path of performing arts and musical studies before taking her to conceptual art and sound studies where her focus has been always about identity, pertenance, collective memory and shared public spheres. Her expertise has been applied arts to public spheres and multidisciplinary curating. and her research has been for the last few years about the effect our surroundings have on our personality or psychological well being and our relationship to violence. 



as a curator 

as an artist 

I am always interested in how different stories can be unraveled and told togather and maybe end up in commun grounds o simular points, so im interested in how this works in art and with diferent practices how there can be many ways to say the same thing im also interested in how people could possbily cross paths in an unexpected way sometimes this leads us to new paths or new work and new stories. 

My art practice tends to revolve around personal identity and questions justice and limits, it questions gender boundaries and political structures that create our daily environment and rhythms i question who runs the world and how this trickles down to the sense of individuality I question the sense of belonging and the feeling of not feeling at home as a foreigner but then also as a human.

as an academic

I am always researching how the things in our surrounding affect us, i am curious about our human condition, when exposed to nature, to stress, to urbanity, i'm curious in how people have constructed cities and cultures, why we have created boundaries and how when we have a certain capacity for organization and creativity we still create wars and divisiones.