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Erika Pirl

Founder and Curator of La Resi (Laboratory, Platform and residency space in San salvador ES) 

contemporary multidecipinary artist

Academic researcher  working on. 

Based in EL Salvador and Mexico City


Personal performances or choregrafic pruduccions 

2021 «Move» creation of a multimedia performance company which inuldes origional and live musica, dancers and actors, and video maping. questioning why yo we move? co produced with 

La resi, Escine cinema school of san salvador, and wipeout hotel in the department of Zonte El Salvador. 

2021 «One Night Only »  performance intervencions in san salvador at la resi curated personaly. 

2021 «saudade» applied to public area performances for Nomada Festival 5th aniversary.

2020 «saudade» Video dance for international virtual festival «proches» by  the Aliance Francaise of el salvador. 

2020 «espejos» dance peice for international day against gender voilence in colaboration with UN Women and Mentes jovenes

2020 «la madre que nos pario» co-producer for costa rican theater company, virtual theater experiance, with the help of iberescena 

2020 .«espacios compartidos» performance in public sphere made for video festival Latidoamerica performance.

2020 .«regresas? »  Video art with dance and origional sound made for caos tv san miguel el salvador

2019 .«Face off » exhibition working with the idea of a dance battle 

2019 .«mujer» Festival Nomada San salvador 

2019 .«Shortfish» maple leaf ballet victoria canada

2018 .«Buscando Tabula Rasa»  Piece for the National Dance Company of El Salvador.   

2018 «Tabula Rasa» Solo  presented in  Alianza francesa, and Alkalarre Festival of  female artists San Salvador,

2018 «Caída Libre» «ALBA» y «InterPlay»  solos and duet work presented in  Leuk Gallery, Beppo, and la Despacheria Teatro, (Puebla) 

La Cantera and Biquini Wax (CDMX) Mex - Alianza Francesa in San Salvador and Villa Moyard in Switerland . (Collaborations with live musicians) 

2018 «Caída Libre» Maktub Cafe Cultural,  Movimiento para mas movimiento community work across San Salvador. (EL Salvador)

2018 «Alba» and  «espacios compartidos» in Biquini Wax espacio de arte CDMX. (México)

2018 «Caída Libre» Sombrilla Fest plaza Gerardo Barrios. San Salvador (El Salvador.)

2018 «NoName» Dueto co-creación with  Darío Acuña (músic) AL LADO Arte residencia  and  la Nuit Blanche (El Salvador)

2018 «Non Lieu» Creación in residence with 10 national artists for  la Nuit Blanche venue and Festival Nómada (El Salvador. )

2017 « The Taste of Snow- La gout de la Neige» Creation Erika Pirl & Le Chic  Morges, (Genève, Bern, CH)

2017 «Entre Recuerdos y olvidos» Solo,  Nómada E.S Festival (San Salvador ,ES)
2017 «Casa Mia» Mixed-media creation with artists Eduardo Prosperi and Ali Mezcal Centro Cultural Segundo Piso,(- Cholula, Pue) Barrio Del Artista (Puebla, Pue) ADM-Galería (Mexico City, MX) and Piso7CAM  (Mexico City, MX)

2016 «Silence.é.s»  Exhibition: performance la grand silence, by Erika & le Chic. - Topic art space, (Geneva,CH) 2016
2016 «Das Wüstenland» By Erika Pirl & Le Chic Act Festival (Sierre  USEGO, Geneva L´USINE and La Villa Moyard (Morges, CH)
2016 ACT Festival, Solo «between empathy and distance » ((Zurich, CH)
2015 «Trave_logue» Group Exhibition: «Score for Basel» Installation; «Forming the space I-II-III» Performance

«Note- to-self» Sound installation - KASKO Art Gallery (Basel, CH)
2015 «Errer avec un Foulard» performance (Cerbére, FR)
2015 «Sunset Memories» by Erika Pirl & le Chic La Villa Moyard (Morges, CH)
2015 «Sensitive Walking» performance for Nomadic Arts Festival «Stroking the Pavement» (San Lorenzo - Rome, IT)

2015 «W-I-P» directed by  Erika Pirl - Théâtre Sévelin 36, Festival Quarts d’heure (Lausanne, CH)
2014-2015 «VALS» Co-Creation with Céline Fellay (Martigny, Baobab, Lausanne, Cinema Oblo, Basel (FIM) and Leuk Tanzzentrum residency Sosta, CH)
2014 «Bailando con la muerte» Video, drawing, installation and performance. exhibition with Jaime Mastranzo, Zinema  (Lausanne, CH) 
2013 «b-line» Installation/performance with Leisje De Laet - Villanova Festival, De Studios (Antwerp, BE)

2012  «Gardenia1007» Co-Choreography Duet with Pierre-Emmanuel Sorignet,  la Grange de Dorigny UNIL, (Lausanne.CH) 
2012 «W-I-P» Performance directed by Erika Pirl, Ivo Dimchev Performance Platform (Brussels, BE)
2012 «Forrest» Video-danza in collaboration with Enrique Pérez Cancio-Cantero Cie (Barcelona, ES)
2012 «La Hamaca» Duet collaboration with Julian Yopasa - Kunst Museum Lentos, Festival Leider Nachst und Brünen (Linz, AT)



Company Work 

Compania Nacional de Danza  (San Salvador,  El Salvador) 2018 (Guest choreographer)  

ADN Dialect Director Angelo Dello Iacono (Vevey, CH) 2014/ 2017. (Dancer)

Cie Divisar Physical Theater, Director Mehdi Duman (Geneva, CH) 2013- 2014, Assistant choreographer / dancer 

Arthur Kuggeleyn  Company  (Brig, CH and Bonn, DE) 2013-2014

Zevada Dance Company Directed by Sophie Zufferey and Fernando Carrillo (Sierre, CH) 2012-2014 (Dancer) 

David P. France, Co.(Basel, CH ,NYC -USA) «Performances in Urban Spaces» (Basel, Bern, NYC, Rome and Belgrade) 

Solo performance for UN Bern Human rights gender equality conference,(Bern, CH) 2012 - 2014  Assistant Choreographer with David P. France. 

Hellenic Opera Queens (NY, USA)  Project with David P France. 2011.

Richard Kaboré Cie (Vevey, CH) «Fete De la Danse 2011» «Fete de la danse 2012»

Avant Scene Danse (Tour in Brazil ) Guest Dancer - 2011 and 2012. 

Cie Octavio de La roza (Lausanne, Sion, CH) 2010 - Soloist  

Group exhibitions.


2021 «sitios .4 »  Take of abanoned building historic center of san salvador. with the help of YES contemporary curated by Kevin Baltazar. 

2021 «Araza todo» group exhibition curated by Natalia dominguez, in Yerbera studio san salvador. 

2020 «alba noise» sound and light installation with Nadie ramirez, KALEO curated by (merkadocentral) Elizabeth Wright

2020 «noise dinner» sound performance with andrea ramirez and lilo letona. LA RESI, KALEO (merkadocentral), Wipeout cultre hotel, curated by Elizabeth Wright.

2019 «sitios instalation» Marte museum of contemporary art el Salvador.

2018  «Sitios»  Art intervention in the public sphere of San salvador. El Salvador.

2017 «a room that i was» project with Camille Kaiser and Madeleine Dymond. KIOSK art space, Geneva, CH.

2017 «General Archive of Mexican Memory» Co-author of ongoing project Mexico City, MX.

2016-2018 «En Marche» Le Musée d’art du Valais. Showing work from «Displacement» group project with Jerome Leuba. (Sion,CH)
2017 «The Feeling of not Feeling at Home» Group exhibition and publication Launch as collective *err  TOPIC, (Geneva, CH )
2017 «Diálogos Impossibles»  Video installation,3rd Forum of Latin American Art in Switzerland «EL Color de Naranja y el Sabor a Mango»  Stufenbau Kultur, (Bern, CH)

2017 - Solo Exhibition «Espacios Compartidos», Sound & Text installation, ADM Gallery with PIRA residency program (Mexico City,Mexico)
2016-2018 «Partition á Saint-Cergues» Art and Architecture Installation in public space -City of Saint-Cergues, FR

2016 «Isabelle Searches for the Monad» Performance, concept by Mohamed Abdelkarim - Cabaret Voltaire - Manifesta (Zurich, CH)
2016 «The Feeling of not feeling at home»  and «Info point» as * err collective,  Athens Biennial, (Athens, GR)
2016 «From the Outside the Walls were White and Grey.» Sound installation in USEGO Halles Sierre, CH, Group Exhibition.
2016 «Quelle Langue Alors ?» Group Exhibition Villa Moyard Morges CH, works «Score á la villa»
2016 «Forget-Me-Not» Talking Sculpture, Group Exhibition, MAXXX Art Space (Sierre, CH)
2015 «Siting Score» Permanent Installation of commemorative plaques. - «Sensible Constructions» Group Show (Sierre, CH)
2015 «Voces Bajas» Sound/Sculpture and Video installation in collaboration with Fiorella Giannattasio Pêle-Mêle space (Sierre, CH) 2015
2015 «Displacement» Group exhibition organized by Jerome Leuba: «La Cerbére Newspaper» Group Publication (cerbere, FR)
2014 «Gestures» MAXX art Space sierre, Performance intervention with Celine Felley. Group Exhibition. (Sierre, CH) 


Vienna Academy of Fine Art candidate for Doctorate in Philosophy  2017 - 2020 * thesis deffered to UNAM Mexico city and on hold du to Covid19. (thesis tittle, "under the necrocapitalistic rug" ( on the naturalization of voilence and censored education en latinamerica)

Master in Art in the Public Sphere (ECAV- MAPS), HES-SO (Sierre, CH) 2014-2016

especialización on collective memory and the non lieu / sound, envoirnement and acústic intervenciones 

IDOCDE - ImpulsTanz Teacher exchange (Vienna, AT) 2016
Salzburg International Ballet Academy Summer (Salzburg, AT) 2009-2010

Goh Ballet Academy and Youth Ballet Company (Vancouver, CA) 2007-2009

Avant Scène Danse Jeune Cie (Lausanne, CH) 2010

pittsburgh ballet theater grad programe (USA) 2009


ACT Festival,((Zurich,(Sierre, Geneva, CH) 2016
Antigel Festival, with Mehdi Duman (Geveva, CH) 2014
Couleur Pavé Festival ,Cie Zevada (Sierre, CH) 2015
Fête de La Dance Vevey with Cie ADN Dialect. 2016 & 2014 Cie Cadmium(2013), Cie Richard Kaboré (2012 & 2011)
Fête De la Music, with Mehdi Duman ADC Stage (Geneva, CH) 2014

Juilletdanse African Spirit (Fribourg, CH) 2012, 2014
Nomadic Arts Festival (San Lorenzo,Rome,IT) 2015
Nómada E.S (San Salvador, ES) 2017
Manifesta (Zurich, CH ) 2016
Mapping Festival BAC (Geneva, CH )2010
Quarts d ́heur du Sévelin (Lausanne, CH ) 2015


2017, TOPIC, (Geneva,CH)

2017, 2016 ADM- PIRA (Mexico City, MX)

2015, 2014, 2013 Dansometre (Vevey, CH)

2014 Resitanz Tanzzentrum (Leuk, CH)

2014 Flux Laboratory (Geneva, CH)

2014 l’Usine (Geneva, CH)
2014 LA Parfumerie (Geneva, CH)

2013 Annexe 36 (Lausanne, CH)

2012 Villa Ru eux (Sierre, CH)

2012 Warteck (Basel, CH)

Awards and Scholarships:

City of Sierre - Prize for best MFA Diploma work - 2016
IDOCDE /ImpulsTanz Festival Teacher Exchange & Workshop Scholarship - ( Vienna, AT ) 2016

SIBA-Scholarship Salzburg International Ballet Academy - (Salzburg, AT) 2009-2010
Scholarship St. Pölten Ballet Conservatory (St. Pölten, AT) 2009 
Senior Female Solo First Prize classical variation - Surrey Dance Festival (Surrey - BC, CA) 2009

Grand Prize - Surry Dance Festival - Goh Ballet Youth Ensemble (Surrey - BC, CA) 2009

Publications :


Caminatas Sensibles ( 2017
Coming into a workspace ( 2014
Delicate Ages ( 2014
Diálogos Improbables (Periferia Arts, Bern, CH) 2017
Espacios Compartidos (ADM-PIRA, Mexico City, MX) 2017

is there but for something (KIOSK, Geneva, CH) 2017
La Cerbere - Collective Newspaper (cerbere, FR ECAV) 2015
Movement into form ( 2014
Oaxaca (Puebla, MX) 2016
Sensitive Walking ( 2014
Saint-Cergues (Bibliothèque le balcon, Saint-Cergues, FR & ECAV, Sierre, CH) 2016

Text- Corps -Text (ECAV Sierre, CH) 2014
The Feeling of not Feeling at Home ( Co-writer and Co-editor ) (TOPIC, Geneva, CH) 2017

Walking rough the Blind Spots (ECAV, Sierre, CH) 2016 

We didn't live (KIOSK, Geneva, CH) 2017


Avant Scène École (Lausanne, CH)
BUAP with MAPLE LEAF and SHORT FISH Workshops (Puebla, MX)

Centro- ADM (Mexico city, MX)

Compañía Nacional de Danza El Salvador (San Salvador - E.S)
Dance Theater Performing Arts School (Titusville - FL, USA)
Darza Escuela Profesional de Baile (Tehuacán - Pue, MX)
École de Paseo (Sierre, CH)

École publique Morges, stages de art du scene (Morges, CH) 

Ecole de La Cote Morges,

Fierce Dance Studio (Titusville - FL, USA)
IALS Studios (Rome, IT)
Instituto Federal De Artes Visuales (Puebla - Pue, MX)

Julie Duruisseau Ecole de Dance, Aubonne,
L.T Dance Studio (Basel, CH)
Maple Leaf Dance Academy (Victoria Island, B.C , CA)
Nomada E.S, Formacion de Formadores (San Salvador, E.S)
Passion Red Partnering workshops (Basel, CH)
Parque la Libertad Danza y Circo Formacion de Formadores  (San Jose, C.R)
PMT Studios- David P. France Workshops (NYC - NY, USA)
Profitraining Cronos and Semiramis Studios (Basel, CH)
Sosta TanzZentrum (Leuk, CH)
Simone Falcao Ballet (Niterói - R.J, BR)

Universidad Centro americana Jose Simeon Cañas, CCU-UCA (San Salvador - E.S)



Spanish, English, French, Italian 

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