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Voces Bajas <Low Voices>

Voces Bajas was a collaborative project with Fiorella Giannattasio-Moll.

Exhibited as part of the Pêle-Mêle white Cube project in the ECAV Sierre, Switzerland.

Voces Bajas was inspired by a phrase in the book "Voces Bajas"(low voices) by the Spanish Author Manuel Rivas.

He wrote:

"low voices are the voices of children, of migrants, of women who only speak to themselves, of animals, of the dead. They are the voices of those who did not want to dominate but who feed themselves on stories and words to survive."

We each explored our own path after deciding that the theme "low voices" would be our common ground and we met again only for the installation.

In our final version the elements fell together organically as one image from one of us illustrated the sound of the other and one sound mirrored an image.

Myself working on text and sound and Fiorella working with video and Image.

The works we felt were only completed somehow when activated by each other once installed in the space.


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