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From the Outside the Walls were White and Gray

Sound installation in USEGO - Halles Sierre, CH

On language and Space, on Perception and Observation, and on Memory and Presence.

Somewhere between a puzzle and an exquisite corpse.

Is it our story if we adapt it by hearing what we want? Or is it our story when we relate to it, when we can match something we hear to our own story? Is it our story as soon as we chose to listen? Or will it never be ours until we tell it? Even then, is it ours? When is a story personal and when could it be shared? What if a space could talk to us? What would it tell us about itself? Does it have a memory as we do?

A sound installation that uses text and space to tell a story or more than one story that might be hidden an the walls or able to dialogue with other walls of similar stories.

My curiosity about industrial architecture and my love of listening to oral history and anecdotes lead me to see how the too could merge through an imaginary possibility for dialogue between spaces.

Sound piece installed in a 15x 30m space, loup 30mins:

The sound sources are semi hidden in a way that the sound travels through the material.

to hear the stories that each one tells one must engage with the space through touching ones ear to a wall or window or where he might think the source is.

each one only tells part of the stories, so to hear the rest one can also move around in the space.

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